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What we do

Our services are primarily focused on ranking specific web pages high on major search engines.

  • We do the market and keyword research in order to establish what keywords and subjects will be possible to rank high on major search engines within a reasonable period of time
  • We create simple but effective web pages focused on the specific keywords and topics we have previously found to be appropriate for ranking high on search engines
  • We launch web pages and host them primarily on domain which is an established domain which is also listed as reliable in Yahoo directory. We do simple and effective SEO tasks necessary to gain high ranking for web pages. This way we provide safe and trusted enviroment for web pages, enabling them to develop to their greatest potential possible. We may also host web sites on their own domains. Also, some of the web pages that we create may be placed at the domain which is our sister web site.
  • Ranking high on search engines means getting lots of targeted visitors to optimized web pages and this ensures high profitability.
  • All the practices that we conduct are strictly legal and in accordance with the Google and other major search engines' policies.
  • We primarily target US market. We also target other english-speaking countries.




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